Wild Horses and Family

Today’s guest author is Karen Fuller. Karen lives in Vashon, Washington and has a passion for the wild horses. She visits them as often as she can.

Have you ever been passionate about something? I found my passion three years ago, in the Magic of Wild Horses!

I have always loved horses. My family had a couple when I was younger. Our daughter, Carla, had a horse from the age of eleven, until she left for college. She was in 4H, and competed in the local county fair. She also went to the state fair in fitting and showing one year.
I think that you can understand why I really wanted to share the Arizona Salt River Horses, when she and our ten-year-old grandson came to visit, recently. Carla was immediately on board! She’s seen enough of my wild horse photos over the last three years to know that they are magic.

wild horses

My husband, Larry, drove us out to the Salt River area about a week ago. Sometimes when you haven’t been there for a while, it takes some time to find them. That was the case this time, but we persevered and were not disappointed.

wild horses

wild horses

When we looked over the bluff, we saw that there were horses at the river. I introduced Carla and T (that’s what we call him) to taking one of the slightly steep horse trails, down to the river.

wild horses
Ha! Later, when we had come back up to the top, and were getting ready to leave, we saw some headed back up one of their many trails to the top of the bluff. Carla really wanted to see that, so we stayed.

wild horses

It is fun to look for your favorites from last year, and look for the new foals.  We saw the Strawberry Roan with the blue left eye, that Mary Hone named Cutie Pie, her momma has a new foal this year.

wild horses

wild horses

There is a new bay colored filly with one blue eye, and a mostly white face that all of us photogs are thronging to see.  😊

wild horses

wild horses

Our grandson also loved the Saguaros.  We took several photos, because he wanted his classmates to know that “the desert isn’t just sand.”  There is one near a parking lot, by the river, that has a “crested” arm.  It looks like a Mayan princess. No one really knows why these mutations occur.

All in all, it was a great day, and they went away with photos, videos, and memories that should plant a need to see these wild ones, and many others over the coming years.  That’s what I was hoping for.  The younger generations need to be advocates for our wild horses and burros.

What is your passion?  Whatever it is, pursue and fight for it, if need be.


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  1. Thank you, Mary. I am extremely honored that you asked me. I hope that others will step out of their comfort zone and write a post too!

  2. Excellent reading. Thanks Karen Fuller for sharing your photos and your passion that like minded people can enjoy through your talented eye and beautiful mind and thoughts.

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