Wild Horse Resources, and Information

There are many areas in the western United States where wild horses can be found. The best way to find an HMA (Horse management area) near you is to go to the BLM.gov website, and click on the link for the state you are interested in. Each state has there own BLM page too, and will have information on roundups, and adoptions. Wild horses and burros are protected under the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, and it is illegal to harass, or harm them. Always stay 50 feet away, and if approached, back away.

wild horses
The biggest threat to wild horses and burros, are roundups. The BLM holds way too many dangerous, and costly roundups throughout the west every year. Not only does this cost taxpayers millions of dollars for the roundup and then housing these horses in holding pens, but it is devastating to the wild horse family bands.

The “Path Forward” that was crafted by Return to Freedom, The Humane Society, ASPCA, and the Cattlemen’s Assoc. is devastating to our wild horses. The Bureau of Land Managements plan is to round up 20,000 horses in the next few years. This plan will only wipe out our horses, and make room for more cattle on OUR public lands.

wild horse family band
Wild horses are very social, and family oriented. Stallions fiercely protect their families, but at the same time they are wonderful and caring fathers. I have watched several times as stallions teach the young foals about any dangers on the range, or correct them if they stray too far away.

wild horses

wild horse family

a band of wild horses
Our mustangs and burros deserve nothing more than to live their lives, free.

wild burro


Wild Baby Burros Playing-The Cutest Thing on the Internetwild horses in a river

wild horse foal
There is nothing more exciting than to see wild horses being wild and free, and they need our voices to ensure they remain that way. Please write to your government representatives, the Dept. of the Interior, or the Bureau of Land Management and tell them you oppose roundups of our wild horses and burros.
This blog post has a list of addresses, and a sample letter that you can use to contact the right people in Washington DC.