Wild Burros and Wild Flowers — 6 Comments

  1. I love a good burro dump blog post! There are a lot of special pics here! I can’t imagine the thousands you have to go though, and cull!

  2. Absolutely wonderful, stunning photos of burros in their natural habitat. What are your plans to publish in book format? With the Nubian wild ass (Equus africanus africanus) probably extinct now and the Somali wild ass (Equus africanus somaliensis) critically endangered, it seems especially important that their descendants, Equus asinus, be allowed to live as the free, wild creatures they are in the American West.

  3. I could look at these Burro photos all day! They are all just so beautiful and adorable. I have been wishing to get a couple of Burros from the BLM for a few years now but I just can’t afford it. Your photos bring me such joy and happiness. Thank you so much for sharing.

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