Tiny Baby Wild Burro — 6 Comments

  1. Precious! I love burros too that’s why my FB site features me loving on a wild BAJA BEACH BURRO who was happy to have a new friend. I fashioned a halter out of some camping stuff and led the burro up & down the beach and all the little kids had rides. The burro seemed to enjoy the attention and his (I looked, he was a stallion) and his mate patiently followed. They were rewarded with some simple granola and copious amounts of our fresh water. We were a group of five families camping on the beach. The burros hung around us the entire two weeks we were there. Many rides but soon no need for the makeshift halter. He just followed me, happily giving rides rewarded with granola and water. Xoxo lou

  2. Thank you you so much for this blog post. I adore burros of every kind.

  3. Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy your fun with you. God bless and protect all the baby burros!!

  4. Cuteness doesn’t say it enough. Thank you so much for sharing the photos an the video. We need to do what we can to save all of our wild burro’s and our wild mustangs. Please everyone do there share and help them keep there freedom.

  5. I love your video & all the pictures you post They pictures you post I enjoy looking at them so much The baby burro is so cute I love looking at the wild mustangs & burrows that you post thank you very much & god bless I would love to take some photos off Facebook & hang them up sorry just love the pictures

  6. Oh my gosh Mary!!!! So stinking cute! I love the pics you took of them. It was a great little story.

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