The Passion — 5 Comments

  1. That was a great guest post! I love seeing herds that I haven’t seen before. too. Just like Kevin, I didn’t know the difference between bands and herds, when I started my quest to see wild horses. It makes you look at our world in a different way when you spend time with any wild animal. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful photos , thanks for sharing. I love to see wild mustangs living free unfortunately they are being persecuted and villified by the evil BLM and we must speak up for them !

  3. What an Fabulous 1st Time ! Haven’t gotten moved yet, but not far away! I Know with my addictive personality, your experience will have me hooked to my last breath! My 2 OTTBs already have.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you cut sharing your artistry and psssion, they are amazing animals! ❤️

  5. These shots are beautiful. We all need to get outside and experience something. Your last shot of the mare and foal is something special. Good Job.

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