There are many people who create art based on wild horse or burro imagery. Photographers, painters, sculptors, just to name a few. This brings more awareness to wild horses and burros to people who may not even know about them. I really believe that through art, we can bring change. Photographers especially are great for sharing their imagery, and stories with people all over the world. Social media has definitely made the art of saving wild horses possible.

My husband and I do art shows all year long, were I have my photography and mixed media fine art, and he has sculptures and paintings. So many times the images will start a conversation about wild horses. Some people have no idea there are wild horses in the west, and many are unaware they are at risk of roundups. I also hear lots of stories about what great riding horses they make, which always makes me happy. I never pass up the opportunity to talk wild horses with someone.

Art and wild horses are perfect together, especially when it can open up conversations, and bring awareness to the issues.

wild horse in a river

To see more of our work go to Mary Hone Photography and Al Hone Fine Art.

So if you meet a photographer, painter, or any other artist that incorporates wild horses and burros into their work, talk to them about it, share it, and most of all purchase it. I personally give back to wild horse advocacy groups through purchases on my website, and I’m sure other artists do the same.

The art of saving wild horses starts with all of us.