50 Years of the Wild Horse and Burro Act — 4 Comments

  1. Its all so tragic. What makes it even worse is that no real count of the present population on the lands has been made. BLM have only EVER ESTIMATED based on a probable no count in 2019. Also to say there is 20% increase annually doesn’t really stack up. But we are all being caught in this ‘Gaslighting. Let just hope that Stone Manning will see the light, not hopeful though.

  2. Thank you for putting this information together so we can continue to share it, raise our voices and demand change at the BLM.

  3. These horrific roundups by BLM are cruel and I inhumane and have to stop! It’s all about greed between BLM and the cattlemen and it is wrong! These wild horses belong free as they have always been! The people running BLM need to be replaced by someone who actually cares about the horses!

  4. As long as the BLM consists primarily of cattlemen and ranchers, the wild horses will not be given the necessary consideration. It’s a conflict of interest and the BLM needs to be revamped. The cattle that graze on public land make up about 2% of all cattle production in the U.S., so the beef industry would not be impacted if those cattle were removed.

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